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High School students visit CNST center in Milan

On February 22, 2024 a group of 21 high school students from Liceo Tito Livo, Milan, have paid a visit to the Center for Nano Science and Technology – IIT CNST Milano, an experience that would allow them to get a glimpse of science and research in practice.

The third and fourth grade students who come from the scientific enhancement section have chosen to visit IIT to bring them closer to the world of scientific research, as part of a school project which involves in-depth study of mathematics and chemistry.

They were warmly welcomed by Dr. Annamaria Petrozza, who briefly talked about the institute and introduced them to the researchers who prepared several demonstrations and presentations for the students.

PERSEPHONe Early Stage Researchers Chunsheng Wu (aka Jack), Yarong He and Teresa Stefanini took this opportunity to showcase their research work to the students in a fun and engaging way.

Teresa, alongside a fellow PhD student Martina Zanolini, gave an immersive demonstration of the fabrication process of solar cells and their working principles. The students were directly involved in a do-it-yourself experiment where they built their own dye-sensitised solar cells using the surprising properties of everyday objects such as pencils and raspberry juice. They were then able to test the optoelectronic response of their devices and they were excited to see how their homemade solar cells were reacting to light.

ESR Teresa was happily surprised to see how engaged and curious the students were, and she was strongly impressed by the depth and accuracy of the questions asked.

ESR Jack provided a deep delved presentation into the fascinating realm of light, employing simple physics experiments to illustrate the three primary colors of light. Together with the students, they explored polarization experiments with light and their practical applications in daily life and discovered the boundless possibilities and intriguing experiments that arise at the intersection of science and creativity.

From the exploration of the three primary colors and their demonstration in mixed light experiments to experiments with polarized light, the entire process was filled with excitement and discovery.

The students' curious gazes explored this unique field, and their proactive questioning and hands-on experiences showcased their enthusiasm for the natural sciences. The whole outreach experience was as informative and enriching for the students as it was for the demonstrators.

The ESRs enjoyed the activity as much as the students did, and appreciated the contagious enthusiasm shared by the students who participated wholeheartedly, embodying the spirit of learning and experimentation

The high school students and teachers also got to visit a few of the laboratories coordinated by Dr. Petrozza. The visit was concluded with a coffee break, which was also a nice opportunity for students to chitchat with the researchers and lab technicians.

Jack, Teresa and Yarong wish to express their deep appreciation for the opportunity to engage with such bright minds and eagerly anticipate future collaborations. Together, we contribute to the wondrous world of science!