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Scientist in charge

Alfonso Gonzalez Taboada


Dr. Alfonso G. Taboada studied Physics in the University of Oviedo. He completed his PhD in the Microelectronics Institute of Madrid, studying the optoelectronic properties of semiconductor nanostructures. Alfonso worked as a postdoc in the Centre for Astrobiology (Madrid) and contributed to the design and development of TiN and LKID detectors within the SAFARI/SPICA mission. In 2011, he joined the Solid State Physics department at ETH Zürich and worked on the application of the 3D-epitaxial techniques to the integration of III-V materials on Si substrates.

After his period at ETH, Alfonso switched to the private sector and joined a semiconductor laser start-up located in Zurich, Camlin Technologies CH. He led several projects related to the design, simulation and growth of new semiconductor laser structures. Alfonso joined DECTRIS in 2016, where he is involved in the development of new semiconductor sensor materials and novel 3D-packaging technologies.